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If you are experiencing jinn possession or disruption from the jinn in your home/lives understanding their mentality can work in helping you defend and protect yourself.

The Jinn can cause mental disturbance via. waswasa. 

They will continue to speak to you in matters of faith/relationships/ and this will be targeted to that particular person. They will address their areas of weakness and will target them to fall into sin. KNOW THIS: they will NOT STOP AT ANYTHING to try to get a person to fall into sin, do not be suprised, therefore, if you hear any types of waswasa for example, you may experience waswasa of doubt in your faith/hate of islam, and then the complete opposite, where you will hear waswasa telling you to feel proud of your worship. They will try every angle, every trick they can to lead one astray. May Allah protect us all.

If you experience such doubt:

Seek Refuge in Allah

SAY: 'Amantu Billahi wa rasulihi' [I believed in Allah, the Almighty, and His Messenger, peace be upon him] 

Recite the testament of faith often or at that time Shahada/Kalima

Ignore the waswasa to the best of your ability

Educate yourself in matters that are causing doubt in order to eliminate it

Shayateen affect us with Waswasa
Do not go down the road of waswasa as the images/suggestions/dreams/shirk/sexual enticement will grow worse.
'Do not follow footsteps of shaytaan' 

Jinn can possess humans. 
There are numerous hadith stating the evidence of the possession of jinn. With one such hadith specifically narrating the Prophet PBUH exorcising a evil spirit out of a young boy. ANY OTHER VIEWS WHICH CLAIM JINN POSSESSION DOES NOT OCCUR ARE FALSE (besides, one only has to look at the sufferings of possessed people before denying such a thing!)

Jinn can have sexual intercourse with humans (male and female) and can produce offspring. 
-Jinn are able to produce offspring,  and Allah knows best about the nature of such offspring but it seems they may be within their world as suggested by case experience.

Seek protection from Allah SWT whenever you feel such an enticement. Before you go to sleep:- recite all of the sunnah supplications (or at bare minimum ayat-ul kursi and blowing over oneself the last three chapters of Qur'an)
Sleep in wudhu. 
If you have ruqya water (which I highly recommend, sprinkle a few drops on the bed before you sleep aswell inshAllah).

In such a case a male jinni would possess a female body and a female/the male. Or come to them in their dreams.

Jinn of different faiths:

Kaafir jinn can possess a muslim and 'order' them to perform acts of disobedience, e.g. neglect salat, or make it extremely difficult for them to do so for whatever reason. I say 'order' because the jinni has no power over you, yes it may threaten to harm you it may try to make it difficult for you but you have the choice what to do in each situation. 
To treat this situation one Must fear Allah and continue on in His Worship.
 Muslim jinn does not mean it is a good/pious jinn they are as complex as humans in terms of their thoughts/obedience and disobedience. There is a grey line. For example, a muslim jinn may even be aware that they should not be within a body but will remain for whatever reason, (e.g. I love him/her too much even though I am sinning I will stay inside this body).

The Jinni can affect your conscious/subconscious thoughts;

I have mentioned this before but when one is possessed they may feel 'out of character' as you may not have done a time before. In one case a woman was possessed by a buddhist indian jinni and after being cured she was asked how she had felt, she said she would often have evil inclinations and wanted to act against sharia and incline to buddhist works. 

Jinn can cause disturbance via. electronic devices
Developed from a lot of cases it has come to light that jinn are able to some degree influence and disturb via. electronic devices, this may mean cutting off the phoneline, switching electronic devices on/off in the home etc. The best way to react in such situations is to be aware that they may be the cause of such disturbances and to ignore it. That's it, remember Allah, recite ayat-ul kursi and pretend nothing happened. The jinn create such disturbances for attention and to annoy and frighten you, so if you give into the behaviour it's only going to spark more occurrences. 

Jinn can come to you in different shapes and forms
Jinn as we have understood from Hadith can take different forms, you can never 'see a jinn' in the real sense of the form that they take, and this knowledge is with Allah SWT, but they do take different forms. If you experience nightmares with such frightening creatures snakes etc. Then this may be an indication or disturbance from shaytaan. You may see the forms in your minds eye, or even before your very eyes. Remember Allah immediately and try your best to shun what you feel you are seeing as to another it isn't there but to you it may be before your very eyes, pushing it away from your reality will help to decrease/fade out this experience.

The jinn can possess plants/wildlife
To prevent this, reciting upon ruqyah water and spilling this onto the plant/affected area and continue to do so daily until the symptoms stop. 

The jinn can influence other people's relations with you
This problem can occur with/without jinn possession and they may/may not be due to sihr. Sihr can (in most cases is) be used to target a specific relationship you have with somebody it is oftentimes used to break up a marriage but can be used to turn a daughter against a mother, against a friend/business partner etc. The best way to tackle this is to question yourself and your change in attitude towards a person whom you may be experiencing such tension with and ask yourself why? And to critically ask yourself as to whether you are behaving with the person in an islamic manner, often if we are truly honest with ourselves we will find the increase in hatred/tension between us and that person are completely unwarranted and are due to no specific reason and if we can pinpoint a reason they are in reality, trivial and can be easily ignored should we wish to. 
This may sound like a solution that has nothing to do with acknowledging the jinn but if you engage in self-ruqyah and combat these feelings by behaving in a kind manner instead, this will defeat their purpose which is to ultimately cause problems. 
Ignoring that you may be feeling this resentment towards somebody is not going to make the resentment go away and may in fact, allow time for it to fester and grow worse. Ignoring the person is also unkind and still breaks relations which were otherwise, friendly. Our sunnah dictates that we should be kind and be patient with others, and this holds true even in the fact of such problems with the shayateen. Remember we all have a Qareen jinn with us who tries to do the same thing, so when we have jinn in the house/sihr they are essentially doing the same thing, it may feel harder but strive against this and inshaAllah the feelings will fade and you will be able to communicate with the person as normal. 

If you feel you are experiencing extreme anger problems to the point where you cannot control what you say/do and can even forget what has happened in a fight/social situation, then I would advise turning away from any situations that cause this anger and NOT to react on the instinct as it is not from you. The jinn will incite awful behaviours and if you leave it unchecked it will continue, if you are possessed your brain may be working all sorts of thoughts that it is not from you and the person is at fault/evil/actually the one who is possessed or you simply feel you do not care about them or why you did what you did in anger then these are still all signs that the problem is YOU. Regardless of what a person may do/say extreme anger outbursts and violence are not acceptable and we need to reflect on ourselves sometimes brutally to realise what is really happening. I emphasise on this, 

The jinn can communicate with your Qareen companion and find out information about you. 
-This is also how saahir (magicians) tend to find things out about people that the person did not say. This is why it appears that they have some sort of ability to know things they could not possibly know but in actuality, the jinni serving them communicate with our Qareen companion jinn (the assigned jinn that stays with us until death attempting to lead us astray)  to find out such matters. 

Jinn can be arrogant

Jinn are afraid

Jinn appear not to be afraid

Jinn will not harm you if you are firm and steadfast

Jinn cause Harm by Allah's will

Jinn are motivated by our fear and hesitation

Jinn live in a realm of the unseen and be seen in our 'world' in a different form and can take us into theirs. 
Allah knows best about the complete nature of this situation. It may not even be correct to call it a different 'world' or 'realm' But from islamic evidences and case experiences people have been known to be taken into their 'realm' or visited places where the jinn reside. 

Jinn can appear to come to communicate in a 'friendly' manner. 
Never trust anyone from amongst the jinn. This is not to say that they are all bad, but rather, as they are from the unseen we are forbidden to communicate with them, and them with us, so their communciation in the first place, if they should appear to you, is suspect. Furthermore, we do not know their true nature, and many of them can lie easily. Many a time has a jinn come to 'communicate' to someone from amongst the people later to find out they are causing them severe harm. Do not risk it. Stay safe and away obeying Allah SWT. Should a jinn appear to you recite ayat-ul-kursi on the spot, and if it should not go away, continue to recite, until they leave. 

If you should see one around the house, follow the steps of protecting your house from the shayateen and ignore it's presence. InshAllah it will fade away soon. 

The Effects of Jinn Possession calm by Worship

Jinn possession symptoms seem worse than they are.
The jinn as we are always told, are much weaker than we realise. A lot of it is 'smoke and mirrors', what I mean is, it is a trick of the shaytaan to whisper and appear to be something to be afraid of and something to worry and distress over. They play with illusions, delusions and pretence to make someone feel there is a big threat but rather, the majority of it is a scene set to make a person feel afraid. 

If we face this situation with a heart that is constantly remembering Allah we will be ready to seek refuge with Him in any situation and recite Qur'an no matter what may happen. You will find, a lot of the trickery and delusions will fade fast once you begin to implement ruqya upon yourself and the house.

It is also a case of how bad we choose to feel. Like sickness, if you spend most of your time dwelling upon what is happening then no doubt you will feel much worse than if you try to use your time to feel positive and surrounding yourself with things that uplift and motivate you. 

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that women do tend to be affected to a greater degree and this is due to the nature of women in being affected psychologically and emotionally more than men. Unfortunately, this is something they will have to strive against in such a situation so as not to fall prey to the waswasa and tricks of the shayateen. Men may also want to use this understanding to help support women. 


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